It’s rare you find a married music duo that adheres to none of the married-duo-cliches. Carolina Story write and perform songs, knowing that there are enough love songs on earth. They evoke the blue collar man and woman, because that’s exactly who they are. From their genesis, they have crafted their sound to be a perfect mix of the lyrical grit and wit of Hank Williams Sr. and the tender atmosphere of Heartbreaker-era Ryan Adams. Carolina Story (Ben and Emily Roberts) are from Arkansas and South Dakota respectively, meeting and falling in love in Memphis, Tennessee, setting up shop in East Nashville and making a name for themselves in every state in between.

It was music that drew them together in August of 2007 at Visible Music College, a progressive arts college – and while drawn to each other’s talent, they came to realize the overlapping nature of their hearts. It was in Western North Carolina, on a camping trip, where the love story and the idea to start writing songs together really began. You can hear the euphoria in the way their voices rise and merge. Ben, dusky, dusty and earthy; Emily, sunny, velvety, lush. Carolina Story is the rapture of being young, gifted and willing.

Since 2009, they have been hard at work touring, writing and putting out music they believe in; each release astonishingly better than the last. Starting as starry-eyed newlyweds ready for the road ahead with their self-titled debut, evolving into wise road-worn troubadours on their album, "Home" and upping the breadth of their sound and songwriting alongside some of the most famous sessions musicians on "Chapter One" & "Chapter Two", they have the ability to turn an insightful phrase at a moment’s notice. After playing in excess of 1,000 shows in 43 states in the last 6 years, making several appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and slowing down a bit to become Mom and Dad to son, Wilder, they are ready to see what the next chapter holds with new songs and newfound inspiration as their guide.

New music is coming in 2017.